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Essays on Early Eastern Eucharistic Prayers

by Frank Kacmarcik
Publisher: Liturgical Press
Release Date: 1997
Genre: Religion
Pages: 176 pages
ISBN 13: 0877882487
ISBN 10: 9780877882480
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle


Synopsis : Essays on Early Eastern Eucharistic Prayers written by Frank Kacmarcik, published by Liturgical Press which was released on 1997. Download Essays on Early Eastern Eucharistic Prayers Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. The Anaphora of the Eighth Book of the Apostolic Constitutions From the earliest attempts to discern the origins of the ... of this essay will review a number of theories put forward concerning the composition of the anaphora of AC 8. -- A companion to Prayers of the Eucharist: Early and Reformed The Churches of the East possess a sometimes bewildering array of Eucharistic prayers. Essays on Early Eastern Eucharistic Prayer offers a guide to the exploration of the principal prayers, and presents in a simple and succinct manner the current scholarship on the origins, development, and relationship of these particular prayers to other ancient prayers. As well as summarizing the state of research and suggesting directions for future study, these essays explain the history of these prayers, their relationship to one another, and reveal how and why early Christian prayers developed as they did. In this way Essays on Early Eastern Eucharistic Prayers produces a clear picture of the way early Eucharistic prayers emerged and grew in the Eastern Churches. Essays on Early Eastern Eucharistic Prayers serves as a companion to - and provides an extended commentary on the texts of early eastern Eucharistic prayers that are published in R. C. D. Jasper and G. J. Cuming's Prayers of the Eucharist: Early and Reformed. Essays on Early Eastern Eucharistic Prayers also offers more detail than is available in the introductions to either text or in other general histories of liturgy or early liturgical practice. Articles and their contributors include Introduction: The Evolution of Early Anaphoras," by Paul F. Bradshaw; "The Anaphora of the Apostles Addai and Mari," by Stephen B.Wilson; "The Strasbourg Papyrus," by Walter D. Ray; "The Anaphora of St. Mark: A Study in Development," by G. J.Cuming; "The Archaic Nature of the Sanctus, Institution Narrative, and Epiclesis of the Logos in the Anaphora Ascribed to Sarapion of Thmuis," by Maxwell E. Johnson; "The Basilian Anaphoras," by D. Richard Stuckwisch; "The Anaphora of the Mystagogical Catecheses of Cyril of Jerusalem," by Kent J. Burreson; "The Anaphora of St. James," by John D. Witvliet; "The Anaphora of the Eighth Book of the Apostolic Constitutions," by Raphael Graves; and "St. John Chrysostom and the Byzantine Anaphora That Bears His Name," by Robert F. Taft, S.J. Includes an index. Pal F. Bradshaw is professor of liturgy at the University of Notre Dame and was vice-principal of Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Oxford, England. He is the author of Liturgy in Dialogue and Early Christian Worship published by The Liturgical Press. "

Essays on Anaphora
Language: en
Pages: 180
Authors: H. Lasnik
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-12-06 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

The articles collected in this book are concerned with the treatment of anaphora within generative grammar, specifically, within Chomsky's 'Ex tended Standard Theory' (EST). Since the inception of this theory, and virtually since the inception of generative grammar, anaphora has been a central topic of investigation. In current research, it has, perhaps, become even more central, as a major focus of study in such areas as syntax, semantics, discourse analysis, and language acquisition. Beginning in the early 1970's, and continuing to the present, Chomsky has developed a comprehensive syntactic theory of anaphora. The articles here are all related to stages in the development of that theory, and can best be understood in relation to that development. For that reason, Chapter 1 presents a historical survey of Chomsky's EST proposals on anaphora, along with brief indications of how the present articles fit into that history. Some of the articles here (e.g. Chapters 4, 8, and 9) proposed extensions of Chomsky's basic ideas to a wider range of phenomena.
The Nominal Structure in Slavic and Beyond
Language: en
Pages: 493
Authors: Lilia Schürcks, Anastasia Giannakidou, Urtzi Etxeberria
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-12-12 - Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

The contributions in this volume shed new light on the discussion of whether the DP hypothesis applies universally or not. The issue is prominent not only for Slavic languages. Drawing on evidence from many other languages, Greek, East Asian, and Basque among them, the book has important implications for answering fundamental questions about the nature of definiteness and quantification.
Presumptive Meanings
Language: en
Pages: 504
Authors: Stephen C. Levinson
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2000-04-24 - Publisher: MIT Press

This is the first extended discussion of preferred interpretation in language understanding, integrating much of the best research in linguistic pragmatics from the last two decades. When we speak, we mean more than we say. In this book Stephen C. Levinson explains some general processes that underlie presumptions in communication. This is the first extended discussion of preferred interpretation in language understanding, integrating much of the best research in linguistic pragmatics from the last two decades. Levinson outlines a theory of presumptive meanings, or preferred interpretations, governing the use of language, building on the idea of implicature developed by the philosopher H.P. Grice. Some of the indirect information carried by speech is presumed by default because it is carried by general principles, rather than inferred from specific assumptions about intention and context. Levinson examines this class of general pragmatic inferences in detail, showing how they apply to a wide range of linguistic constructions. This approach has radical consequences for how we think about language and communication.
Essays on Anaphora
Language: en
Pages: 196
Authors: H Lasnik
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 1989-02-28 - Publisher:

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This volume provides a comprehensive view of the current issues in contemporary syntactic theory. Written by an international assembly of leading specialists in the field, these 2 original articles serve as a useful reference for various areas of grammar. Contains 23 articles written by an international assembly of specialists in the field. The lucidly written articles grant accessibility to crucial areas of syntactic theory. Contrasting theories are represented. Contains an informative introduction and extensive bibliography which serves as a reference tool for both students and professional linguists.
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Language: en
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Authors: Martin Everaert, Henk C. Van Riemsdijk
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Type: BOOK - Published: 2008-04-15 - Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

*** Pre-Order The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Syntax, second edition, publishing December 2017. Find out more at www.companiontosyntax.com *** This long-awaited reference work marks the culmination of numerous years of research and international collaboration by the world’s leading syntacticians. There exists no other comparable collection of research that documents the development of syntax in this way. Under the editorial direction of Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk, this 5 volume set comprises 70 case studies commissioned specifically for this volume. The 80 contributors are drawn from an international group of prestigious linguists, including Joe Emonds, Sandra Chung, Susan Rothstein, Adriana Belletti, Jim Huang, Howard Lasnik, and Marcel den Dikken, among many others. A unique collection of 70 newly-commissioned case studies, offering access to research completed over the last 40 years. Brings together the world’s leading syntacticians to provide a large and diverse number of case studies in the field. Explores a comprehensive range of syntax topics from an historical perspective. Investigates empirical domains which have been well-documented and which have played a prominent role in theoretical syntax at some stage in the development of generative grammar. Serves as a research tool for not only theoretical linguistics but also the various forms of applied linguistics. Contains an accessible alphabetical structure, with an index integral to each volume featuring keywords and key figures. Each multi-volume set is also accompanied by a CD Rom of the entire Companion. Like the prestigious Blackwell Handbooks in Linguistics series, this multi-volume work, in the new The Wiley Blackwell Companions to Linguistics series, can be relied upon to deliver the quality and expertise with which Blackwell Publishing’s linguistics list is associated.
Nuzi, Women's Rights, and Hurrian Ethnicity, and Other Academic Essays
Language: en
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Authors: Heerak Christian Kim
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This academic research publication series seeks to examine the question of identity and its relation to society, promoting creative new approaches to thinking about identity as well as a combination of traditional academic methodologies.
Theoretical Syntax 1980–1990
Language: en
Pages: 192
Authors: Rosemarie Whitney Ostler
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 1992-02-13 - Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

This volume is intended to be used by practicing scholars as well as students. It represents all major and some of the minor trends that have evolved during the past decade. Book titles from all available sources have been included, as well as periodical articles from the major journals, whenever there was evidence of a theoretical approach. To ensure maximum accessibility of the entries listed, books and articles in language other than English and unpublished dissertations and working papers have been excluded. All entries are fully annotated and the volume is completed by indices of authors and subjects.
The Minimalist Parameter
Language: en
Pages: 360
Authors: Galina M. Alexandrova, Olga Arnaudova
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2001-07-20 - Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing

In view of its exploratory nature, Chomsky's 'minimalist' model has undergone multiple changes, triggering in response numerous proposals that are consistent with the tendencies that it follows or anticipates, and numerous proposals that offer alternatives to it. A good illustration of the variety of 'parallel' proposals is provided in the present volume. The articles derive from papers read at the “Challenges of Minimalism” session of the Open Linguistics Forum, held in Ottawa, in March 1997. This OLF meeting started as a graduate student initiative, but because of the topic chosen, attracted a wide and international audience. The twenty contributions are grouped in five sections: I. Syntactic Structure, Relations, Operations; II. Syntactic Movement: Cyclicity, Optionality, (Non)overtness; III.Case, Topic, Focus, Interrogativity; IV. Ellipsis, Reconstruction and Related Phenomena; V. DPs: Features and Syntactic Relations.
International Encyclopedia of Linguistics
Language: en
Pages: 525
Authors: Galina M. Alexandrova, Olga Arnaudova
Categories: Linguistics
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003 - Publisher:

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