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Western Drama Through the Ages

by Kimball King
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Release Date: 2007
Genre: Literary Criticism
Pages: 176 pages
ISBN 13: 0877882487
ISBN 10: 9780877882480
Format: PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Audiobooks, Kindle


Synopsis : Western Drama Through the Ages written by Kimball King, published by Greenwood Publishing Group which was released on 2007. Download Western Drama Through the Ages Books now! Available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. An overview of drama focusing on Western countries covers the history of theater from 500 B.C. to the present, the contributions of different countries, specific plays, and theatrical techniques. -- An overview of drama focusing on Western countries covers the history of theater from 500 B.C. to the present, the contributions of different countries, specific plays, and theatrical techniques.

Western Drama Through the Ages
Language: en
Pages: 624
Authors: Kimball King
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007 - Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

An overview of drama focusing on Western countries covers the history of theater from 500 B.C. to the present, the contributions of different countries, specific plays, and theatrical techniques.
Drama through the Ages
Language: en
Pages: 48
Authors: Various
Categories: Juvenile Nonfiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-06-01 - Publisher: Bramblekids Limited

The Living Arts Library is specially designed to stimulate children's interest and imagination in all aspects of the international arts. The activity-based approach encourages readers to try for themselves a variety of skills and techniques.
Theatre Through the Ages
Language: en
Pages: 324
Authors: Cesare Molinari
Categories: Theater
Type: BOOK - Published: 1975 - Publisher:

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Teaching Primary English Through Drama
Language: en
Pages: 168
Authors: Suzi Clipson-Boyles
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-07-03 - Publisher: Routledge

Teaching Primary English through Drama builds on the success of the classic text Drama in Primary English, inspiring ideas and techniques for teaching English skills through the medium of drama.
The Theatre Through the Ages
Language: en
Pages: 145
Authors: James Cleaver
Categories: Theater
Type: BOOK - Published: 1948 - Publisher:

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Performing Arts in Changing Societies
Language: en
Pages: 234
Authors: Randi Margrete Selvik, Svein Gladsø, Anne Margrete Fiskvik
Categories: Music
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-05-22 - Publisher: Routledge

Performing Arts in Changing Societies is a detailed exploration of genre development within the fields of dance, theatre, and opera in selected European countries during the decades before and after 1800. An introductory chapter outlines the theoretical and ideological background of genre thinking in Europe, starting from antiquity. A further fourteen chapters cover the performing genres as they developed in England, France, Germany, and Austria, and follow the dissemination and adaptation of the corresponding genres in minor and major cities in the Nordic countries. With a strong emphasis on the role that pragmatic and contextual factors had in defining genres, the book examines such subjects as the dancing masters in Christiania (Oslo), circa 1800, the repertory and travels of an itinerant acrobat and his wife in Norway in the 1760s, and the influence of Enlightenment ideas on bourgeois drama in Denmark. Including detailed analyses in the light of material, political, and social factors, this is a valuable resource for scholars and researchers in the fields of musicology, opera studies, and theatre and performance studies.
The Faber Pocket Guide to Greek and Roman Drama
Language: en
Pages: 416
Authors: John Burgess
Categories: Performing Arts
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-11-20 - Publisher: Faber & Faber

An essential, refreshingly accessible guide to Greek and Roman drama containing entries for forty plays by all the major dramatists in the classical world - Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Aristophanes, Menander, Plautus, Terence and Seneca. Features include: · Playwright biographies · Synopses and detailed commentary · Advice on the best translations available · A survey of the ancient theatre and its social and political background. Written by John Burgess, freelance director and former Head of New Writing at the National Theatre, this book is an indispensable resource for the theatregoer, student and general reader.
Greek Theatre in the Fourth Century BC
Language: en
Pages: 590
Authors: Eric Csapo, Hans Rupprecht Goette, J. Richard Green, Peter Wilson
Categories: History
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-06-18 - Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

Age-old scholarly dogma holds that the death of serious theatre went hand-in-hand with the 'death' of the city-state and that the fourth century BC ushered in an era of theatrical mediocrity offering shallow entertainment to a depoliticised citizenry. The traditional view of fourth-century culture is encouraged and sustained by the absence of dramatic texts in anything more than fragments. Until recently, little attention was paid to an enormous array of non-literary evidence attesting, not only the sustained vibrancy of theatrical culture, but a huge expansion of theatre throughout (and even beyond) the Greek world. Epigraphic, historiographic, iconographic and archaeological evidence indicates that the fourth century BC was an age of exponential growth in theatre. It saw: the construction of permanent stone theatres across and beyond the Mediterranean world; the addition of theatrical events to existing festivals; the creation of entirely new contexts for drama; and vast investment, both public and private, in all areas of what was rapidly becoming a major 'industry'. This is the first book to explore all the evidence for fourth century ancient theatre: its architecture, drama, dissemination, staging, reception, politics, social impact, finance and memorialisation.
The Broadview Anthology of Drama, Volume 1: From Antiquity Through the Eighteenth Century
Language: en
Pages: 865
Authors: Craig S. Walker, Jennifer Wise
Categories: Drama
Type: BOOK - Published: 2003-07-09 - Publisher: Broadview Press

The Broadview Anthology of Drama: Plays from the Western Theatre is a chronological presentation of 43 plays in two volumes, ranging from the ancient theatre world to the present day. Each chapter focuses on a specific period and begins with an insightful introduction sketching the historical and theatrical landscape of that period. Contextualization for each play is provided through a thorough account of the literary and dramatic background of the play along with clear and comprehensive annotation. In addition, the editors have provided a glossary of terms used in the anthology to better equip students with a vocabulary for discussing the world of the stage.
Laurence Sterne and the Eighteenth-Century Book
Language: en
Authors: Helen Williams
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-12-31 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Scrutinising Sterne's fiction through a book history lens, Helen Williams creates novel readings of his work based on meticulous examination of its material and bibliographical conditions. Alongside multiple editions and manuscripts of Sterne's own letters and works, a panorama of interdisciplinary sources are explored, including dance manuals, letter-writing handbooks, newspaper advertisements, medical pamphlets and disposable packaging. For the first time, this wealth of previously overlooked material is critically analysed in relation to the design history of Tristram Shandy, conceptualising the eighteenth-century novel as an artefact that developed in close conjunction with other media. In examining the complex interrelation between a period's literature and the print matter of everyday life, this study sheds new light on Sterne and eighteenth-century literature by re-defining the origins of his work and of the eighteenth-century novel more broadly, whilst introducing readers to diverse print cultural forms and their production histories.
Wagner's Ring and German Drama
Language: en
Pages: 186
Authors: Mary A. Cicora
Categories: Music
Type: BOOK - Published: 1999 - Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

A study, through a series of comparative analyses, placing Wagner's Ring within the context of the German drama tradition.
The Art of Acting
Language: en
Pages: 324
Authors: Dawn Langman
Categories: Performing Arts
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-04-07 - Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing

This book will be invaluable to teachers, acting students and practitioners alike. Langman’s inspired methods, fed by some 45 years of teaching and practice, ensure the highest outcomes for the integration of voice, speech and language as a central ingredient of the actor’s craft. She is the most unique and brilliant master teacher in this area I have ever encountered.’ – Rosalba Clemente, Head of Acting, Drama Centre, Flinders University ‘A rite de passage – working with Langman’s book is an initiation into the practice of “Future Theatre”.’ – Dr Jane Gilmer, Assistant Professor of Drama, VPA, National Institute of Education, Singapore A remarkable achievement that communicates a lifetime of teaching artistry with grace and depth, and, most significantly, reveals the profound spiritual impulses at the heart of Michael Chekhov’s original impulse. A gift for the generations.’ – Dr Diane Caracciolo, Associate Professor of Educational Theatre, Adelphi University Over the past decades there has been a resurgence of interest in Chekhov’s acting technique. The original publishers of his fundamental text, To the Actor, removed most of the author’s references to Rudolf Steiner, but recent studies acknowledge Chekhov’s personal interest in anthroposophy as the source of his artistic inspiration. Dawn Langman explores the fundamentals of Chekhov’s psycho-physical technique and the metaphysical principles on which it is based. She examines this technique in relation to the specific challenges and gifts provided by the actor’s constitution of body, soul and spirit, and in the context of the canon of great poetic and dramatic texts – illuminated by Steiner’s insights into humanity’s evolving consciousness. The Art of Acting lays the foundation for the second and third books in her series, in which Langman explores Rudolf Steiner’s art of speech and its integration with Michael Chekhov’s methodology. Together, these books offer a contemporary, spiritually-enlivened path of development for the actor, in which the combined insights of Steiner and Chekhov lead to new possibilities for the performing arts.